IOM General Election 2021 newsbeat

Our schools. Their future. Your choice.

The full manifesto from NAHT Isle of Man can be accessed here. NAHT are asking all prospective candidates for Keys to endorse the manifesto and put "education" at the heart of this General Election.

Members of school leaders’ union, NAHT Isle of Man, have published a manifesto for education ahead of this years General Election which takes place on Thursday 23rd September.

The manifesto identifies four key priorities for education and urges all prospective candidates to place these at the heart of everything they do if elected to the house of keys:

  1. Meeting the needs of all children
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Funding
  4. Recruitment and retention of education staff

You can read the manifesto, section by section, here. The sections are presented as Twitter-friendly images which can be copied and pasted into social media posts if you wish to share to help promote the aims of the manifesto.

Meeting the needs of all children



Recruitment and retention of education staff

Max Kelly, NAHT Isle of Man Branch Secretary and Executive Head Teacher of Federation of Dhoon School and Laxey School said: “NAHT Isle of Man is publishing a manifesto today to help put education at the heart of the general election.

“Education forms the foundation of the future of the Isle of Man – its prosperity and ability to sustain itself. Our school leaders, their staff and our pupils deserve to be at the forefront of policymaking and investment. We hope all Keys candidates will pledge their support for our calls for an education system that meets the needs of all children, places a renewed focus on wellbeing, is properly funded and attracts and retains the very best workforce possible for our island.”


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