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Strictly Come Dancing VS Headteachers: A Showdown Of Glitz, Glamour, and Leadership!

Its the finale of Strictly Come dancing tonight! Are you a fan? Have you been watching? Secretly been wondering what it has in common with school leadership? Nah… didn’t think so. But just in case you are intrigued about what the ballroom can tell us about headship, look no further as author Max Kelly walks us through… or rather waltzes us through... the glitz and glamour of dancing vs leadership!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the showdown of the century: “Strictly Come Dancing” vs Headteachers! In one corner, we have the glitzy, sequin-clad dancers who grace our screens every weekend and make us all wish we could dance like them (or at least fake it with a few too many drinks at a wedding reception). In the other corner, we have the hardworking, dedicated headteachers who lead our schools and are probably secretly wishing they could cha cha cha their way out of a staff meeting every once in a while.


Both Strictly Come Dancing and being a headteacher involve a lot of performance and presentation. The dancers must put on a spectacular show for the judges and the audience, while headteachers must present themselves and their schools in the best possible light. I mean, have you ever seen a headteacher do a tango during a parent-teacher conference? Now that would be a sight to behold!

Attention to detail

Whether it’s making sure your dance routine is perfectly choreographed or ensuring that all of the necessary paperwork is completed for a school event, both roles require a strong attention to detail. And let’s be real, if you can remember all of the steps to a samba, you can definitely handle a budget meeting.


Both roles involve a certain level of leadership, whether it’s leading a group of dancers or leading a school community. And let’s face it, if you can teach someone to do the foxtrot, you can probably teach them just about anything.


Both roles require a certain level of creativity, whether it’s coming up with new dance routines or finding creative solutions to problems in the school. Plus, imagine the fun you could have with those “edutaining” assemblies if you could break out some ballroom dance moves.


The judges on Strictly Come Dancing are responsible for critiquing the performances of the dancers and deciding who stays and who goes. In a similar vein, headteachers must also face judgment in the form of OFSTED inspections, which evaluate the quality of the school. But let’s be real, at least with OFSTED, you don’t have to worry about getting judged by someone in a sparkly blazer (its usually much worse than that…)

So, what can the world of school leadership learn from “Strictly Come Dancing”? Well, for starters, it’s always important to put on a good show and make a strong impression. Whether you’re performing a dance routine or presenting your school to a group of parents, confidence and poise are key. Additionally, attention to detail is crucial in both fields, as is creativity and leadership. Finally, both roles involve facing judgment and evaluation, whether it’s from judges on a TV show or OFSTED inspectors.

In conclusion, while “Strictly Come Dancing” and the role of a headteacher may seem vastly different at first glance, they actually have several similarities. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a headteacher donning a sequin-covered leotard and taking to the dance floor on “Strictly Come Dancing”! Until then, let’s just appreciate the hard work and dedication of both dancers and headteachers alike. And if you happen to see a headteacher doing the cha cha cha in the staff room, please send us a video because that would definitely brighten up our day!

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