Leadership and Management

Visible Leadership

Leadership comes in many different guises in the world of education and much has been written about the theoretical models that exist. I have long advocated that one model cannot and does not work when applied in isolation – the best leadership is always a careful mix of different approaches that are blended through the personal intuition of the experienced leader. This philosophy has led me to analyse my own leadership and the styles and approaches I have come to rely on. I liken my approach to that of the pub-landlord and offer “visible leadership” as the model which I believe is truly transformational.


Quell and replenish…

The good school curriculum should remain under constant review, ever evolving in response to children’s needs and interests, ever adapting to the strengths and passion of those delivering it, ever reflecting the values and ethos of the school and ever reacting to the community, society and world in which we find ourselves. The good school curriculum is not fixed, it moves with the ebbs and tides of research, policy, need and resource. The good school curriculum is in a state of constant flux.


Working without a blueprint…

When schools were closed to all but vulnerable children and those of key workers, nobody knew how long the lockdown would last, or how education and schooling could continue without the physical presence of young learners turning up to a communal building each day.