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Surviving 2021

As another year draws to a close I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and successes of 2021. No doubt this was a demanding and turbulent year, but there were also some wonderful opportunities and moments to celebrate along the way. This is my very personal take on 2021…

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Another Bad Hair Day? Owning a Brush Might Help.

Max Kelly presents a new blog with yet more comparisons between political leadership and school leadership…

After a torrid week or so for Boris Johnson and his Tory MPs, the Prime Minister continued his calamitous streak with a bizarre and poorly executed speech to the Confederation of British Industry. I’m not sure that a headteacher would get away with this type of regular performance in a school – so why is Boris Johnson getting away with it in Number 10?

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Premier League Managers vs Headteachers – Do YOU Recognise Any of These Leaders in YOUR School?

Who would be a premier league manager? Judged by league tables, an unrelenting pressure from those who are supposed to be on your side, and seemingly everyone has an opinion and thinks they could do better. Sounds a bit like the job of the headteacher too! In this tongue-in-cheek article, sprinkled with just a dash of insight, observation and comment, author Max Kelly imagines the current stock of Premier League managers as headteachers. So do you recognise yourself in any of these descriptions? Or perhaps you already work for one them?

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Captain Picard vs Headteachers – Resistance to Leadership Is Futile

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is one of the most enduring TV characters of the last 30 years. Introduced to television audiences in the 1980’s, Picard went on to personify integrity, honesty, values and principles. He was the quintessential gentleman; a widely read and well educated man of interest and ambition. He was charismatic and charming, and had an awe and wonder about him.
He was seen in a highly skilled job that presented multi-facted challenges and difficulties. He was an ambassador, an explorer, a diplomat, a fighter, a politician, a statesman, a sage, a guide, and a father figure. In many ways, Picard was the ultimate leader; well-liked, respected and highly regarded. He achieved all of this against the backdrop of inter-species differences, inter-galactic disputes, long term strategic objectives and short-term requirements to fire-fight.
In this blog, author Max Kelly examines the leadership lessons that headteachers can learn from this enigmatic starship captain.

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The Tell-Tale Signs of SUCCESS: 5 Things NO-ONE Will Tell You About Your FIRST Headship

I recently completed my seventh year as headteacher at a school and realised that the departing Y6s were the fist ever cohort that I’d seen all the way through their primary education as a headteacher. Seeing how well all the children had done, and watching them leave as confident and resilient learners, was a proud moment and told me a lot about the successes (and lessons to learn!) of my headship.