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The Tell-Tale Signs of SUCCESS: 5 Things NO-ONE Will Tell You About Your FIRST Headship

I recently completed my seventh year as headteacher at a school and realised that the departing Y6s were the fist ever cohort that I’d seen all the way through their primary education as a headteacher. Seeing how well all the children had done, and watching them leave as confident and resilient learners, was a proud moment and told me a lot about the successes (and lessons to learn!) of my headship.

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Prime Ministers vs Headteachers – WHO do make the BEST leaders and why?

The demands of leadership on Prime Ministers and Headteachers are colossal. Leaders must have conviction; the capacity to communicate and persuade; they must manage people and communities; they must translate their convictions to policy detail and then ensure successful implementation of their policies. All the while they must be the relentless and charismatic figurehead and carry the hopes and dreams of others alongside their own personal ambitions.

In this blog, Max Kelly draws on the work of political commentator Steve Richards to analyse the demands of leadership and to draw a correlation about the qualifications necessary to lead a country and to lead a school.

IOM General Election 2021 newsbeat

Isle of Man school leaders call on election candidates to take pledge for education

Members of school leaders’ union, Isle of Man NAHT, are calling on candidates in the upcoming general election to join them in pledging to put support for education at the heart of their campaigns. The pledge forms part of a wider manifesto for education published today (12 August) by Isle of Man NAHT ahead of the House of Keys elections with the title “Our schools. Their future. Your choice”.